Observing Ekadashi

Q. I am new to Krishna Consciousness & now I want to do Ekadashi Vrat. Is there any special day to start it & What we have to do for successful Ekadashi vrat. Please guide me.

A. It is very nice to know that you want to do Ekadashi Vrat. On the day of
Ekadashi, the mood is to strive to deepen our attitude of loving service to
Krishna by using more of our time to chant Hare Krishna, read spiritual
books like Bhagavad-gita and Shrimad Bhagavatam and discuss topics of
devotional service. Towards achieving this end, devotees also simplify their
diet by fasting from grains and beans. (Since Krishna’s devotees don’t eat
meat, fish or eggs. On Ekadashi, they eat only fruits, nuts, milk products,
non-bean vegetables and so on.) The basic principle is not just to fast,
but to increase one’s faith and love for Lord Krishna. The real reason for
observing fasting on Ekadashi is to minimize the demands of the body and to
engage our time in the service of the Lord by chanting or performing similar
If you don’t get a chance to visit the Hare Krishna temple frequently,
Ekadashi is an excellent day to come to the temple, see the beautiful form
of Krishna, and to associate with His devotees. Or, you can easily observe
Ekadashi vrat to advance in Krishna consciousness even at home.