Harinaam Getting Insulted

Q. How to ensure that the Harinaam is not getting insulted. I see that on the streets, there are many empty covers of wafers and chips which contain the Holy Name – Balaji, Haldirams – Laxmi Narayan, etc. Many of these covers are right on the streets, sometimes very dirty, and also stamped upon.
I personally feel it is an insult to the Lord’s Holy Name. I tried in the past to collect these covers but I faced a problem. What to do with them? How do I handle such situations? What should I do? I request you to kindly respond to this query.

A. We really appreciate your concern for the Holy Name (HariNaam).
Kali-yuga is an age of degradation.
People do not realize the value of Holy Name, which can deliver them from the cycle of birth and death and give them ultimate liberation.
People use the Holy Name for commercial purposes.
The Holy Name is as powerful as Sun.
Although the rays of the Sun come in contact with dirty things, the Sun is never contaminated, moreover it purifies the dirty things.
Similarly it may appear that the Holy Name is getting insulted, however Holy Name can never be affected.
In fact it maintains the power to purify everything it comes in contact with.
It is said in Srimad Bhagavatam that even if someone takes the Holy Name in a way to mock the devotees, it still purifies the person chanting in that way.

As far as possible we also try not to litter the papers on which the Holy Name is printed.
Such papers may be respectfully put in the body of Holy rivers or oceans, or may be buried underground.

I hope this is alright with you

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