Relevance of Hare Krishna movement

Q. What relevance the Hare Krishna movement has in today’s society?
Can you please spare some of your thoughts on the topic?

A. Srila Prabhupada, the founder of the movement, used to say that we’re giving society a brain. Presently, society has no ‘spiritual’ direction. The leaders of society don’t know the purpose of human life. They mislead people under the misconception that this life is all there is. Just try to enjoy as much you can with your senses.

But we’re spiritual beings, and human life is the chance to reawaken our love for God and return to Him. If we waste our time in material pursuits and neglect our spiritual life – which should be our main business – we’ll have to return to this world after death and take birth in any one of millions of species of life. The Hare Krishna movement is relevant to anyone who wants to make the proper use of human life. We’re an educational institution, teaching people about God, our relationship with Him and the process for going back to Him.