Universal form

Q. Can you please explain the difference between the two Universal forms  Krishna showed to Arjuna and Duryodhana. Krishna shows his universal form only to his devotees and in order to see the universal form He must give divine vision to His devotees. Duryodhana was neither a devotee nor did he have a divine vision.

A. The form shown to Duryodhana was only a part of the Universal Form shown to Arjuna. Krishna’s display of His Universal Form to Duryodhana was to prove to Duryodhana his vanity in wanting to bind Krishna with ropes.

In case of Duryodhana, to prove His own all-pervasiveness, Krishna dispalyed His Universal form and enabled Duryodhana to see it. In case of Arjuna, however, Lord Krishna showed His Universal Form on Arjuna’s request just to satisfy his desire (Bg 11.3-4) Thus, these two Universal forms are different.

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